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2 Ways to Increase Patient Satisfaction at Your Dental Practice

When it comes to customer satisfaction, it’s not simply excellent customer service, or clinical competency that is going to render high customer satisfaction, but the combination of both. Even if you are the best dentist in the field, you’re not going to keep customers if the service end of your practice is lacking. In fact, according to Linda Drevenstedt, an expert in the field, those who have a high level of patient satisfaction have an average of 10% higher profits.

This doesn’t mean having mediocre or sufficient customer satisfaction will help your practice to grow, as dissatisfied customers are likely to tell at least 11 other people about their unpleasant experience, yet a patient has to be extremely satisfied in order to share a positive experience with others. This is the reason it is so important to have the highest patient satisfaction rate possible. If a practice is able to increase their customer satisfaction rate to such a level, Drevenstedt continues, 70% of people will be willing to pay extra for services. How does one achieve such a level of customer satisfaction? Here are 2 tips to increase patient satisfaction at your dental practice:

Stay Positive, Enthusiastic and Personable

One of the biggest complaints from dissatisfied patients is a dentist who will not talk to them on their level. Someone who uses technical jargon, shows a lack of interest or enthusiasm, speaks in a condescending tone, in long monologues, or fails to build rapport will likely give patients a reason for dissatisfaction with services. Patients like to feel valued and respected, and not like they’re just another number in the database.

Taking the time to explain procedures and insurance, and respecting patients’ need for privacy by discussing financial matters in a non-public space is something that could go a long way with satisfaction. Another way to keep patients happy is punctuality. Patients tend to become unhappy if they are kept waiting longer than ten minutes. They also associate great clinical competence with customer service, so if they’re treated well and engaged by staff, they’ll likely view their procedure in a more positive light, according to Dr. Roger Levin.

Create An Excellent Patient Experience

One of the best ways to increase patient satisfaction is to provide them with an experience that surpasses their expectations, according to Dr. Levin. This could begin with small things such as remembering a personal detail each time they come in, placing beverage service in the waiting room, and building rapport by taking some time to talk about something personal before going straight to business.

Another way to create an excellent experience for patients is by training staff to be prepared to answer all patient questions and concerns with competence and care. There could be a training manual for staff so that they know each and every task required in boosting patient satisfaction, and have a chance to practice before their first patient interaction. Planned out answers to frequently asked questions and protocols could help assist in achieving a higher level of patient satisfaction.

Each and every little thing staff does to enhance the comfort of the patient and their overall satisfaction with their experience can go a long way. Would you care for more assistance in creating a more positive experience for your patients? Dental Billing Sleep Solutions offers services to help streamline your dental billing process; freeing up valuable time you and your employees may use to increase patient satisfaction.

Using Social Media to Bring New Clients to Your Dental Practice

Social media is a great way to bring in new clients to your dental practice. In fact, for most of your current and prospective client base, social media is their number one resource for purchasing decisions. 71% say that they’d be more likely to become a customer based upon social media referrals, according to Diana Friedman of Dentistry IQ. This just goes to show that through creating a strong online presence, you can position yourself on social media in a way that strengthens ties with your current customer base, while bringing in new patients.

Facebook & Twitter

Facebook allows businesses to create customizable pages that feature their services and brand in a positive way to bring in new customers. Practices may post a variety of relevant multimedia content to educate current and prospective patients and engage with them. This site has over 1 billion users worldwide, and active users tend to spend an average of 55 minutes on the site per day.

42% of all active 200 million Twitter users rely on the site to inform them when it comes to making purchasing decisions. Engaging in just seconds is easy when sending tweets of 140 characters or less.

Social Media Takes Time

One of the biggest things missed by so many experts is the fact that social media marketing takes time, according to Sam Weisz of Dentistry IQ. It takes time to build the perfect ambiance online, and to be disciplined and consistent with delivering quality content that provides value for potential and current patients, educates them, engages them and allows for a wonderful social community to grow. Just like anything that grows, patience and the proper nutrients are key. So often we find ourselves becoming focused solely on ROI, shares, hits and likes, rather than the growth of the community as a whole.

Create Compelling Content

Creating content that compels others to read it is key in marketing your dental practice. Showcase content that reinforces your brand, engages with your patients and gives word-of-mouth referrals. Before you know if you will have a strong community built up around you. You may even offer deals for those who follow or like your social media page for their next visit. Incentives, contests, behind-the-scenes pictures and customer reviews are all great pieces of content to showcase, as are educational articles that are brand relevant. If you’re short on time you may always hire a professional team of digital marketers to help pave the way for you. Or you may call DBSS to handle your dental billing so you can focus on developing an online social media presence that will bring your practice success.

3 Ways to Run a More Efficient Dental Practice

When it comes to running a dental practice, efficiency is often times key to attracting and keeping quality patients. From the daily running of business to the ways inventory, accounting and scheduling are conducted, everything you and staff do contribute to the overall efficiency of the practice – in one way or another. How does one keep business flowing at an optimal rate? With the following three tips you could be on your way toward running a dental practice that is full of patients who keep coming back.


Organization is key to running a successful and efficient dental practice. This begins with the basics such as data entry and file storage procedures. Everything in the office should be organized and easy to find. If everything has a place and is kept there, everyone should have the necessary tools they need to work as efficiently as possible. Inventory should be organized and stocked. The dental office should be clean and have a positive energy flow, perhaps with some tasteful décor and pleasant, soothing effects. Keeping a clean and organized space can improve the overall work-flow of staff, and mood of patients


When it comes to everyday tasks such as scheduling and billing, they can become rather time consuming. Streamlining this into an automated system digitally can save employees valuable time that could be spent helping patients and the overall work-flow. Giving patients the option of scheduling appointments online can save valuable time, as can automating the billing through a digital software program. There are even scheduling programs for managing staff schedules online. This makes the process of requesting time off, swapping shifts and obtaining a weekly schedule much easier, as the program organizes the information for you.


In order to develop a successful, efficient practice, one must constantly be building toward success. This includes expanding the team of staff, extending hours and scheduling as many clients per day as possible. When organization and streamlined principles come into play with building, it entails staying on top of the things like daily appointments, and updating any cancellations or reschedules, no-shows, and filling the spaces with last minute requests and walk-ins. Making the most of time and not having dead time is key. Other things such as marketing services and boosting employee morale can help your practice become as successful and efficient as possible.

5 Ways to Market your Dental Practice

In this day and age, competition in the marketplace is fierce and the business world can be cut throat. The same can be said of the health care industry. Several providers may be competing for the same market share, and who do you think is going to win? The one with the best marketing strategy. Getting your name out there so people remember your brand the next time they have a toothache or need a cleaning is the best way to ensure your practice long-term success.

Google Search

Now that we’ve established a need for marketing your dental practice, what’s the best way to go about it? There are a variety of ways dentists are marketing their services today, and they should be catered to your own practice’s needs. A good way to determine what those needs are is by conducting research on yourself. Google search the services you provide in your area and see what comes up. Are you listed in the mix and, if so, how many pages must you scroll through before you find your site? If it isn’t listed on the first page, chances are your potential patients will not see it.

Strategic Marketing Plan

Strategically marketing your business to fill in the gaps you discovered when you researched yourself will give you an advantage. Once you search for your services, try looking for your name, or the name of your practice. If it doesn’t come up, you should definitely be doing something to market yourself. Something may even come up that’s negative, such as a bad customer review. This is something that can be combated through strategic marketing.Hipster Writing SEO Concepts on his Note


Every successful practice should have a website. One of the primary purposes of your website is to encourage new patients to call. Your website should have a link available on each page directing them to your contact information. You may even want to offer a space for patients to leave reviews.

Social Media

Branching out into social media is never a bad idea for marketing your practice. Studies have shown that when people are looking for a good doctor or service provider, they rely heavily on social media, often looking toward others in their circle of friends to see if they’ve tried a particular service. If a person they know and trust likes you, they’ll be more inclined to give you a try.

Business Cards

The age-old method of passing out business cards is still an effective strategy. Wherever you go during your day, bring a stack of business cards with you. Before handing one out, jot down a short note, including the person’s name you’re giving it to. This will leave a lasting impression that will make them want to hold onto your card.

Be the Expert

If you want to be respected as an expert in your city, present yourself to the world as the expert. You can do this through effective PR and marketing tactics that form positive collaborations within your community, strategically placing you in a positive public light. This image should be maintained through your digital marketing content and voice.

Are you looking for an extra boost for your marketing efforts? Try teaming up with Dental Billing Sleep Solutions. You’ll join a professional network that markets your services between sleep centers, DME providers, other dentists, doctors, and patients. There’s no better marketing than positive word-of-mouth, and that’s what you’ll get with us on your side.