Using Social Media to Bring New Clients to Your Dental Practice

Social media is a great way to bring in new clients to your dental practice. In fact, for most of your current and prospective client base, social media is their number one resource for purchasing decisions. 71% say that they’d be more likely to become a customer based upon social media referrals, according to Diana Friedman of Dentistry IQ. This just goes to show that through creating a strong online presence, you can position yourself on social media in a way that strengthens ties with your current customer base, while bringing in new patients.

Facebook & Twitter

Facebook allows businesses to create customizable pages that feature their services and brand in a positive way to bring in new customers. Practices may post a variety of relevant multimedia content to educate current and prospective patients and engage with them. This site has over 1 billion users worldwide, and active users tend to spend an average of 55 minutes on the site per day.

42% of all active 200 million Twitter users rely on the site to inform them when it comes to making purchasing decisions. Engaging in just seconds is easy when sending tweets of 140 characters or less.

Social Media Takes Time

One of the biggest things missed by so many experts is the fact that social media marketing takes time, according to Sam Weisz of Dentistry IQ. It takes time to build the perfect ambiance online, and to be disciplined and consistent with delivering quality content that provides value for potential and current patients, educates them, engages them and allows for a wonderful social community to grow. Just like anything that grows, patience and the proper nutrients are key. So often we find ourselves becoming focused solely on ROI, shares, hits and likes, rather than the growth of the community as a whole.

Create Compelling Content

Creating content that compels others to read it is key in marketing your dental practice. Showcase content that reinforces your brand, engages with your patients and gives word-of-mouth referrals. Before you know if you will have a strong community built up around you. You may even offer deals for those who follow or like your social media page for their next visit. Incentives, contests, behind-the-scenes pictures and customer reviews are all great pieces of content to showcase, as are educational articles that are brand relevant.┬áIf you’re short on time you may always hire a professional team of digital marketers to help pave the way for you. Or you may call DBSS to handle your dental billing so you can focus on developing an online social media presence that will bring your practice success.

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